About us

Jotvainis, UAB  is a company with 30 years of experience in transportation services and the sale of truck parts. 

Jotvainis, UAB specializes in the transportation of over-dimensional and heavy-lift cargoes both in Lithuania and abroad. The company operates a fleet of 17 MAN trucks and around 40 regular and special - purpose semi - trailers (regular 13,6 meters - long platforms, special purpose extended - deck or low - deck semi - trailers). We also obtain necessary permits and clearances for the transportation of over - dimensional and heavy - lift cargo across Lithuania and abroad. We select the safest route and arrange special escort where necessary. 

With this extensive expierence in selling automotive parts for freight vehicles, Jotvainis, UAB invests in the business success of its customers and carefully chooses only those automotive parts manufacturers who adhere to its strict standarts. We specialize in and provide technical consultation on chassis, air suspension and leaf - spring suspension components. We offer the most comprehensive range of leaf spring, leaf spring metal, clamps, air bags and bushings. 



Ectensive expierence in cargo transportation and sale of truck parts has helped us built a reputation as a professional and well - trusted partner and attract a wide partner and customer base who values long - term cooperation based on integrity and transparency!







We can handle all your transportatioin needs because:

  • We have 23 years of expierence in transportation. 
  • Our team consists of hightly qualified specialists. 


We can handle all your transportation needs because:

  • We have the largest fleet specifically suited for over - dimensional and heavy - lift cargoes. 
  • your cargo will be protected under CMR insurance.


We can handle all your transportation needs because:

  • We offer thewidest range of leaf springs.
  • in 2013 we became the German factory SCHOMAECKER PREMIUM partners in Lithuania.