Permit and escort arrangement

Every case of over-dimensional cargo transportation is unique. We obtain all necessary permits and clearances required for the transportation of over-dimensional and heavy-lift cargoes within Lithuania and across the borders.
We select the safest route and arrange special escort based on your cargo dimensions and legal requirements applicable in transition countries. 

If you have any questions regarding permits, please contact our Transport Service Departament or fill in the form bellow.
Permit inquiry form:

We can handle all your transportatioin needs because:

  • We have 23 years of expierence in transportation. 
  • Our team consists of hightly qualified specialists. 


We can handle all your transportation needs because:

  • We have the largest fleet specifically suited for over - dimensional and heavy - lift cargoes. 
  • your cargo will be protected under CMR insurance.


We can handle all your transportation needs because:

  • We offer thewidest range of leaf springs.
  • in 2013 we became the German factory SCHOMAECKER PREMIUM partners in Lithuania.